Sunday, September 21, 2008

One more Cedar

Today I took only Cedar to church.  As we drove, I pointed out the geese flying overhead and shared how the point goose will lead and then fall back when tired and another goose will replace him and how they repeat this process for their entire migration.  They "share leadership".  (My not-so-subtle attempts at parenting the kids power struggle). 

Cedar says, "Like worship".  I didn't get the connection so her repeated it.  I realized he was talking about what he sees modeled at the church.  Levi and Theresa have "shared leadership" during worship.  So I probed a bit and asked him, "what does it mean to be a leader to you?"

He remarked that "a leader protects and helps."

How simple and precious out of the mouth of a 6 yr old.

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Not just a ladle...

While doing dishes, Cedar picked up the large soup ladle and commented under he breath, "is this for soup or for poop?"

I kid you not.  He is scarred from Aftons turdlet floaties from 1 yr ago.  Angie Ladd is scarred from Afton filling her kiddie pool with...well, y'know...and then making a beeline for the big kids' pool. 
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