Friday, March 16, 2007


Is it fair for people who are not ticklish to tickle people who are?

Monday, March 5, 2007

Growing Pains

As our children decide that they simply must grow ;) we have been revamping boundaries within our home. It's interesting (more like hellish) to experience a child who has outgrown the old and is straining towards the new, needed model of 5 yr old-land.

I hit a horrible hot point that I struggled to see through last week and called my partner in crime - my sister, Holly. (Levi was at work and dually frustrated, anyhow) She just had her third punkin and is a welcome mental respite. It's good to hear other people's children being normal and a bit wacked out when you know they're fabulous parents. Kids are weird sometimes and it's fantastic to just let them stretch out in that weirdness and "find themselves".

There is a great teacher out of Redding, CA (Can any good come from... Just kidding...) named Danny Silk who helps folks navigate the slushy sea of parenting. Holly's 15 min pep talk was pure Holly-fied Danny. Between that talk and a good restful moment of prayer, I now have a loose strategy (and it's working!!)