Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yah, I did it.

Just voted early.

 Feeling pretty happy that although I was directed to several false locations, had to wait behind 35 non-english speaking individuals, had a sleeping baby laying on top of me and was holding A's french fries and my 13 lb purse in my voting pen hand - I did it.  And we live in a country where I can - my looks, my gender, my mental status :) cannot keep me from selecting whomever I so choose.

I am excited about this election and encourage procrastinators like me to get in the absentee vote window -   let's go people!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Afton's 1st drive-date!


Jen, thank you for the reminder.  Did I not lovingly suggest ever so long ago that Barack was one to watch?  I swear this is the only election in all my voting years that feels like I don't have to choose between two big fat liars.

By the way, if I hear "Maverick" one more time, I'll never be able to watch that cheeseball movie again.  Talk about verbal burnout.  And for all you pro-lifers - I am still as hard-core as ever in believing in both the life of the mom and the babies - but if you are gullible enough to vote on one topic only for the leader of our nation...all I have to say is please use both lobes of your God-given brain.  There are many ways to fight abortion and blindly choosing a candidate because of one topic is like blindly choosing a candidate because they are supposedly christian.  C'mon people - whether at the local, national or international level we must look at the FULL picture. 

Frankly, I don't dislike a person for voting their party.  What I hate is uneducated voting, or even worse - getting the "list" from a pastor telling you that real christians only vote republican.  Just peels my skin, that one.
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

One more Cedar

Today I took only Cedar to church.  As we drove, I pointed out the geese flying overhead and shared how the point goose will lead and then fall back when tired and another goose will replace him and how they repeat this process for their entire migration.  They "share leadership".  (My not-so-subtle attempts at parenting the kids power struggle). 

Cedar says, "Like worship".  I didn't get the connection so her repeated it.  I realized he was talking about what he sees modeled at the church.  Levi and Theresa have "shared leadership" during worship.  So I probed a bit and asked him, "what does it mean to be a leader to you?"

He remarked that "a leader protects and helps."

How simple and precious out of the mouth of a 6 yr old.

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Not just a ladle...

While doing dishes, Cedar picked up the large soup ladle and commented under he breath, "is this for soup or for poop?"

I kid you not.  He is scarred from Aftons turdlet floaties from 1 yr ago.  Angie Ladd is scarred from Afton filling her kiddie pool with...well, y'know...and then making a beeline for the big kids' pool. 
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Monday, August 4, 2008


So I moved into an area that is type A.  Not generally a big deal until you have da wee ones.  And they enter school. 

My brain being the gift that it is, vainly struggles to keep above water when it comes to "Now make sure your child brings a turtleneck to school on Monday" turning into "Mom, no one else had a turtle at school on Monday..."

There is a strange underlying current in the brains of women on the A side.  I'm not sure how to navigate these waters.  I know I am a frustration, an amusement, sometimes even an irritation.  Our world seems to be on the terms of the A type.  I have actually taken jobs and responsibilities completely out of my league in these linear lines of work to try to grow and mature over the last 10 yrs.  But over time, I've discovered I just feel like the weirdo. 

What do spiritual, artistic people do that involves building bridges and not cloistering and complaining about A-land... I'm pursuing what that means for my little world right now.  I've polished the outside for long enough and long for my inner rawness to get messy and find my voice in spirituality and art.  My wildness needs my empowerment.  I LOVE my type A friends and actually need them.  I think thats part of the power and humility of community.  It's just time for me to be over the sense of insecurity of not measuring up  - because in these areas I will never in my weakness be as glorious as someone's strengths.

How freeing.  How beautiful.  Where is my dreadlock wig?
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Monday, June 2, 2008


Well, enough is enough. As I have been able to shift into a more focused mamacita mode, I've realized an awful truth. Super-B was right. :)

Super-B and I complement each other in our parenting styles which usually turns out well. He tends to be more structural (which helps when I'm feeling tired or lazy) and I'm more gentle or preceptive (like when the w.d. smacks a Barbie on Super-'s face to wake him at 5am to play) We love them and want them to learn to think, not just obey.

Super-B said I was too soft, and too inconsistent. I've really worked on the inconsistency part - but how much tenderness a mom gives is a tough crossing to navigate. I go there by default. Sometimes the embarassing old-school "Protect them from the mean, misunderstanding dad" mental shenanigans crop up, too.

But there comes a time... I have always heard that if children will obey on the 3rd time, they will obey on the 1st. I've resisted this philosophy because I wanted to give my kids time to think about truly obeying. It worked at first, and obviously in time, fails.

As Levi has been working more, I've had to put on my big-girl panties. And I am tired. But I've decide I have the bootie to wear the panties which unloads like this:

Kids need to learn to respond to their mom's voice immediately, no excuses (except for hearing - we extruded 2 inches of wax from Cedar's ear today by candling -remarkable!)

1st time obedience is important, and so is the patience for kids to grow into that. Frankly, I still haven't and God loves the prodigal - but to help them avoid unnecessary pain because of good listening is common sense.

Sassy mouths must be quickly curbed in. The first time Cedar was incredibly sassy - I actually smacked his mouth. He started crying and so did I! Levi and I had talked for 4 yrs about how we would NEVER hit our kids in the face. It doesn't serve a purpose to smack a face other that to negatively shame. It was the weirdest instinctual reaction that I will never do again. Ugh - what a wake-up call to my lack of a plan and lack of emotional self-control.

We've now spent a pretty yucky week and a half shifting into a new gear - the gear of "Momma will not take your crap." Boy, I am learning and having to be humble in the midst of this. Can anyone relate?

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Nagger bites her tongue

Every spouse has a pet peeve about their better half. I knowingly married a man with ADHD, which means I married clutter junction.

Yes, I do enter into the nag-nation when the trails of crap become too deep to navigate. But yesterday was the ultimate. The weather was gorgeous and I wanted to straighten out the garage a bit. When I had finally rediscovered the back of the dump corner (that place in the garage that arctic folk pile stuff until spring, I found IT.

Many months ago, my husband went bird hunting with his intrepid buddies. It was so cold that the hunters actually went to their own homes to finish up cleaning the birds. My children watched and learned all about "parts" of the birdies. And Super B left the bloody feathers all over that corner of the garage. ANd left a nasty bucket sticky with bird goo in the middle of it. Of course I asked Super B the next day to clean it up. And I asked 3 or 4 more times. It never happened. I swept up most of the feathers (they were being tracked into the house) and waited. Folks, I am biting my tongue. It is still there. Any bets on how long it will take? If I wasn't so grossed out- I would do it myself and shut up.

A lesson

When you hear your child say, "Look mom- - paw prints!" and you do not own a pet...beware.

In the moment it took me to pour my desperately needed morning coffee, my whirling dirvish smeared both of her hands with the SUGARFREE apricot jam from her bagel and proceeded to coat my dining room table with "pawprints".

Friday, April 18, 2008

When is THIS stage over?

Whining. Whining. Whining.

It is as if the skin is being peeled from my ears.

The words of the illustrious Tabitha L. ring in my ears, "If anything, be consistent."

Does hiding in the corner of the bathroom, rocking and weeping at 4 pm everyday count? Oh, cuz I am CONSISTENT.

Monday, March 3, 2008


What? How did I miss the glorious opportunity? Bloggers renaming their loved ones so as to protect and ALSO slander? Or glorify certain traits? I'm enamored.

Hmmm... Levi could be "Mr B", short for Bucky McBuckster - always bucking the status quo in his search for ultimate truth and justice. Wait - that sounds very Marvel Comics - YES!! It will now be "Super B"!!!

Afton - "Whirliebird", a smilier version of whirling dervish.

Cedar - Charmster, a cross between his obviously adorable attributes and a hyperactive hamster...

Perfect!! This is glorious. On to renaming chores - vehicles- annoying people ("fatfingers')

This is a days worth of fun!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Yesterday was dip your pants in liquid nitrogen, crack them off on the way to start your car cold. Snap your wet hair off if it's not under a rocking nasty huge babushka hat cold. Forget fashion-wear icefishing mukluks to high end corporate meeting cold.


I've notice an interesting hopeful driving attitude here in Green Bay too. "Gosh I hope it warms up to 4 degrees so my car will start." "Maybe my neighbors will hit a deer to create a slushy spot for some traction at the icy corner those damn snowplows refuse to take care of..." "Maybe my brand-new vehicle will warm up to 40 degrees after driving 3 hours with the heat on full-tornado vent melting blast..."

Afton - peering out the window, completely relaxed, asked, "Mom, can we go to the North Pole?" "Oh, honey, " I replied, "we live there."

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Any evidence?

Well folks - I'm on the hunt.

I've decided to compile my art portfolio. Of course I've also gotten so caught up in the artistic process over the years that I have virtually no photographic evidence of my creative genius ;). Folks, I need your help. I'm applying as a freelance stylist at several studios/agencies and want to fill out my book.

So any photos (even Before /after) of Garden Design, Home Decor, Place Settings, Baby Showers, Fine Art, Painting, Sculpture etc that you might have- could you shoot anything you might have over to bethanyfuson@thefusonfamily.com this weekend?

Dat'd be sweet uh y'all...

Friday, January 4, 2008


Today I struck up a conversation at the library with a mid-40's New Jersey gal city gal transplanted to backwoods Wisconsin. As we narrated the fight between our 2 yr olds at the playtrain, she mentioned she had lost her 5 yr old son to cancer.

I looked at 5 yr old Cedar.

As I processed her words and the ramifications, I asked her, "Do you ever heal from a childs death or do you just soften?" She said, "You never heal."

I just struggle to comprehend...

New Title

To all those lovin the mid century modern, slightly hippie, somewhat organic, absolutely delicious style of home/life design - I have a new title for you, Amy Butler's "Midwest Modern". FANTASTIC! Website is pretty good, too.