Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No WAY!!!!

OK, I've heard this before, but I thought times were changing much quicker. That women are still making sickeningly less than men doing the same job with better qualifications and work habits. I'm going to scream. And that as men and women age is gets WORSE. What in the hell?? Who is in charge of this Bozo patrol? I swear that as my generation of Father-less men moves in mature corporate leadership things could move into the blender. I want this to CHANGE. Barack......!!!!!

I swear the reason that moms aren't paid what they are worth financially is that not only is the worth "priceless" ;) - but if it had a $ amount - mamas would be millionaires.

I feel great worth in my home and through my Papa in heaven, but this outside perspective on the worth of a woman being viewed as less is insane. And DON'T GET ME STARTED on the view within the church. I love the body of Christ and that does not negate that we need some GROWTH here. I'm not just a rib-bone, folks...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

W-M - Angel or Devil?

SOooo, I've heard and read a LOT about WaL-MART and would love to know how you preceive the bargainland. Is it a bargain? Talk to me, peeps! (Not the gross yellow sugar marshmallow peeps that make a huge mess and taste so sick...)

Friday, April 6, 2007


I've been discovered. I truly have run out of my yearly supply of witty, endearing or intelligent remarks. Depleted by April.

Just kidding.

I think spending time with my family is the most incredible gift. My brother and sister-in-law are headed overseas with their baby as I type. We spent the last 7 days eating, laughing, crying, hugging and squeezing the new babies. It was decadent in our cocoon of safe (chaotic) love. It is HARD to let loved ones travel into unsafe areas.

We celebrated Afton's b-day with her cousin Abilove. My sister and mom created a stand-up Barbie doll cake. It was slightly awkward deciding who had to eat the slice cut from near Barbie's buttocks. Afton had no problem scraping the frosting off of the fake-tan plastic boobies.

I am bad holiday mom. Tomorrow I will join the rest of this select group at our clubhouse. Wal-mart. I'm trying to avoid sugar-poisoning my tots and yet still maintain the elusive crown of "Fun-Mom" in their eyes. Books? Pastel annoying stuffed animals? Glorious chocolate?? Afton's Birthday also happens to fall on Easter this year. Rats. I haven't shopped for her either. And maybe I won't...

True confessions. I generally hate stuffed animals. I have only liked one, well two. The rest are crap.

OK I'm done.