Thursday, January 10, 2008

Any evidence?

Well folks - I'm on the hunt.

I've decided to compile my art portfolio. Of course I've also gotten so caught up in the artistic process over the years that I have virtually no photographic evidence of my creative genius ;). Folks, I need your help. I'm applying as a freelance stylist at several studios/agencies and want to fill out my book.

So any photos (even Before /after) of Garden Design, Home Decor, Place Settings, Baby Showers, Fine Art, Painting, Sculpture etc that you might have- could you shoot anything you might have over to this weekend?

Dat'd be sweet uh y'all...

Friday, January 4, 2008


Today I struck up a conversation at the library with a mid-40's New Jersey gal city gal transplanted to backwoods Wisconsin. As we narrated the fight between our 2 yr olds at the playtrain, she mentioned she had lost her 5 yr old son to cancer.

I looked at 5 yr old Cedar.

As I processed her words and the ramifications, I asked her, "Do you ever heal from a childs death or do you just soften?" She said, "You never heal."

I just struggle to comprehend...

New Title

To all those lovin the mid century modern, slightly hippie, somewhat organic, absolutely delicious style of home/life design - I have a new title for you, Amy Butler's "Midwest Modern". FANTASTIC! Website is pretty good, too.