Monday, June 25, 2007

Taking charge

I was blogging this morning and realized something. I love myself and I love that. I think I'm beautiful and special and important. Not because I was brainwashed in Sunday School, not because Oprah says I have to, not because I'm an arrogant wench who has nothing better to do - just because I'm finally realizing my value as a creation.

If I were to walk into a group of women - any type and anywhere, and shared that I think - "I'm beautiful" it could bring out an interesting range of generally negative responses. "Oh really, well your thighs are..., Hmm, I see areas you could grow..., How can she say that..? "

But I wonder about the positive responses. I hope there would be some. But, if not I would be OK. I like who I'm becoming and who I am.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Graphically pissed off

Not profane graphic,more "I never realized how ugly my blog is". All about the content. So I visited my dream perfection lighthearted sharp blog dream header. Shitake. Folks where can I find graphics that look like The Flipflop mama's. I can draw, Levi can create. Neither of us has time. I've now spent valuable hours combing through blogger templates/graphics and am weak with nausea due to the ug-factor. Levi says this will take many many hours.

Unacceptable - I have toilets to clean and I hate research. Besides the slow-churned ice-cream is melting.

The aftermath

Yesterday the amazing cluster of Cedar's fav local pals joined us in celebrating his 5th B.D. Kids faces were pummeled with inflatable balls, Afton developed a facial rash from eating too much sugar, C's angel food cake needed a chain saw to cut it, All the water ballons were "mysteriously" popped in the cooler while we ate and so much more...

I fearfully asked Cedar (who can't walk normally because he had been drinking -soda- an twisted his ankle), "Son, how, um, was your party?"

He answered, "Awesome!"

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Umm that's too much info.

OK Levi told me there is now a med that ADVERTISES a side effect that has even I , grossed out. Imagine, if you will, struggling with this: Greasy poop.


Way too much info guys, keep that on the backside ;) of the box.

On that note, what is your least favorite illness? That you've had. No weird monkey fever stuff.

Those kind of friends

Have any of you found that elusive "gang' of friends. Not just the one or two fabulous - but the dynamic blend of at least 3 that gel.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thanks everyone!!

Well, the trip to Valpo was fantastic! The beautiful garden for Lynn went in and will only continue to get more so. I got to spend time with Nat, M & M and Chad-Holly and the kiddos. What a joy to be with family - late night talks, laughs, and being with some of your favorite people in the world.

For all those that know Wayne Swanson, the Kraker Family or Jenny Wallace - give them a squeeze from me- they went absolutely above and beyond the call of duty. ;)

AND I finally got to meet Sara's lovely man!

Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I Need Funny

Folks, I need jokes. This is one of those mornings I feel like a hater. I've never enjoyed cleaning as a joyous hobby and stay-at-home mom land is a struggle. Afton is potty-training and I feel like all I do is clean. Clean poop, clean counters, clean floors and every other surface over and over. Omilord, I hate this job of cleaning lady. Trying to love and see big picture but blogger pals, I need poop jokes, I need horrible fat lady falling down and underwear showing stories, I need perspective. ;)

Just for this morning. Don't worry - I am making a pot of coffee...

Monday, June 4, 2007

THIS weekend

THIS weekend Afton and I head to Valpo to help install Lynn Fuson's Memorial Garden - It will be amazing and Afton has promised to push the rototiller at least an hour with no smoke breaks.

If you are local - I need you. I can only dig so long before my obvious lack of working out causes my knees to buckle and my lungs to scream with shrinkage. I beg you. With dignity, of course.

Besides, Lynn was worth this.

Email me or post or call Sara Vanderwoude.

Yahoo! It's a dirty party! Well, um, only in the cleanest sense.