Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sexy Mess

Last night at dinner (it was just me and the kiddos), I had messily left the mail on the table during our meal. After our feasting, Cedar noticed a scarily sexy model selling her wares on the back of a Fredericks catalog. Yikes! He started giggling (thank the Lord it was just bra-land) and murmured, "Mama, look at her costume!"

Whew. We're not there yet. Her makeup was pretty intense.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bono and You

So. Who doesn't love, if not respect in some measure, Bono.

Anyone who takes the voice that fame often imparts and focuses it to change injustice has my support. I wondered, "does everyone think about what they would change if put in Bono's place? What change are we passionate about affecting on personal levels? Have we attempted anything? Pondering...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Sen Barack Obama. Your thoughts...

Saturday, January 20, 2007


MySPace makes me nuts. I just want to connect with friends and the pressure to have a slammin site, the where in the hell are my friends - there # doesn't work!!, Why can't I jsut comment rigamarole makes me crazy. Thank you Blogger for simplicity.


Doogle, Curious George, Play-Do, Snacks. These are the tools of golden engrossment. I'm actually taken aback when the focus of my children is so total that we as parents cease to exist. I remember getting so lost in books that hours would pass and voices around the house would chill into white noise. Did you ever find that "Happy Place"?

The Sandbox, Our Treehouse, Our slightly scary and gross basement, Art projects, Putting on plays, Sitting in the van/station wagon/ghetto cruiser with a sibling on each side leaning onto me (a heavenly cocoon), Blanket Forts, Cuddling into my dad's back w/my face in his neck, Mom's hugs at the kitchen sink, our sunporch on Sunday afternoons (BLISS!), Helping mom rearrange furniture, Family snuggles, Smelling the Magnolia tree with Holly through her window, Making birthday hats - Balon tradition etc...

What are your favorites? Even dark childhoods have spots of light. When you're so relaxed and happy you sort've have to pee.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I'm contemplating the Love of God. Yes, poopy diapers one minute the love of God the next. But they fit together in my life. The thought that chants in my brain is that God 's love is bigger... Bad attitudes - His love is Bigga! Small heart - It's Bigga!Unforgiveness - it's Bigga!

There are so many times to see the inadequacy of who we are. Of course we need to acknowledge and embrace where we stand. But I refuse to stay there. To make an excuse for my yuck seems to deny the power of the love of the Father to change that area. God's love can't melt 30 lbs off my behind, but embracing his view of me and what He has created me to me encourages me to love what He's given me and make it the best that I can. Damn treadmill.

Bigger Love Bigger Love Bigger Love. Man that's good stuff we have access to!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Makin babies...

Just into my 1st cup of Saturday coffee, Cedar looked up from over his pancakes and asked, "Whatcha doin today, Mom? Makin babies?" Cough, cough, sputter!!! "Um no Cedar - are you?"

Later, as Cedar was running his hamster circles shouting, "My bunghole is on FIRE!" I realized truly he is just his daddy Levi's creation.

How to raise boys....

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Feel Pretty. Oh so Pretty...

Afton found a HUGE glittery princess dress in her toybox yesterday. Ugly PJ friend had thought she would love it. SHe squealed when she saw it, "MAMA!! MAMA!!" Then she started jamming it on her head. I gathered about 3 yd.s of fabric and tucked into her pants then glitzed her up with crazy jewels, a tiara and shiny purse. This is her first real princess dress-up and when I placed her in front of the mirror -it was magic... Her eyes were wide open taking her "new" self in. SHe swirled the 30 lbs of skirt around and just stared. Finally she shouted, "Is (It's) ME! Is ME!!!!"

Why does the world love to smash that out of women?

Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Had a live talk with a sweet friend regarding letting others just be ugly until they grow out of it. Of course this is after processing whether or not confrontation is important. Just letting others BE when you want to fix their obvious, glaring life-errors (sic) is challenging. Especially when you want to be Lord of the Universe. Especially when it is incovenient to you. Thoughts? Experiences?