Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yah, I did it.

Just voted early.

 Feeling pretty happy that although I was directed to several false locations, had to wait behind 35 non-english speaking individuals, had a sleeping baby laying on top of me and was holding A's french fries and my 13 lb purse in my voting pen hand - I did it.  And we live in a country where I can - my looks, my gender, my mental status :) cannot keep me from selecting whomever I so choose.

I am excited about this election and encourage procrastinators like me to get in the absentee vote window -   let's go people!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Afton's 1st drive-date!


Jen, thank you for the reminder.  Did I not lovingly suggest ever so long ago that Barack was one to watch?  I swear this is the only election in all my voting years that feels like I don't have to choose between two big fat liars.

By the way, if I hear "Maverick" one more time, I'll never be able to watch that cheeseball movie again.  Talk about verbal burnout.  And for all you pro-lifers - I am still as hard-core as ever in believing in both the life of the mom and the babies - but if you are gullible enough to vote on one topic only for the leader of our nation...all I have to say is please use both lobes of your God-given brain.  There are many ways to fight abortion and blindly choosing a candidate because of one topic is like blindly choosing a candidate because they are supposedly christian.  C'mon people - whether at the local, national or international level we must look at the FULL picture. 

Frankly, I don't dislike a person for voting their party.  What I hate is uneducated voting, or even worse - getting the "list" from a pastor telling you that real christians only vote republican.  Just peels my skin, that one.
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