Monday, February 11, 2008


Yesterday was dip your pants in liquid nitrogen, crack them off on the way to start your car cold. Snap your wet hair off if it's not under a rocking nasty huge babushka hat cold. Forget fashion-wear icefishing mukluks to high end corporate meeting cold.


I've notice an interesting hopeful driving attitude here in Green Bay too. "Gosh I hope it warms up to 4 degrees so my car will start." "Maybe my neighbors will hit a deer to create a slushy spot for some traction at the icy corner those damn snowplows refuse to take care of..." "Maybe my brand-new vehicle will warm up to 40 degrees after driving 3 hours with the heat on full-tornado vent melting blast..."

Afton - peering out the window, completely relaxed, asked, "Mom, can we go to the North Pole?" "Oh, honey, " I replied, "we live there."