Tuesday, January 20, 2009


After watching/listening/overhearing parts of the inauguaration and pomp today, I was struck.  I suppose I expected to feel and see what we've always seen and felt.  Big words, Big hats, big parades and the sense that expectations would not be met.  The sense that we'd feel the other wingtip fall tomorrow.

Unexpectedly, in the midst of everything - I felt a stream of simplicity and dare I say it...spirituality.  The lack of a need to bluster.  The pullback into quietness of soul with Yo-Yo Ma and the gang. In the past, it has felt embarassing to hope in our nation, or justice.  There is the lurking cynic, the dark mocker and even my own apprehension that has said no to the element most basic in our human creation - HOPE.  But today, it came unbidden, burbling up - melting elements of fear.  What truly could happen if even most of our nation just began to try?  To try harder?  Bush's choices often often made our nation look like one large ass.  Who wants to maintain that image?

This morning, who could not be moved to tears?  Something real is happening here.  Our nation desires it, the younger generations are demanding it - I pray to God that Barack and his buddies can stand under the weight of a nations hopes.  WHat works for me is that Barack calls each American into responsibility and accountability.  To step out from the shadows and not wilt with laziness.  He's calling out to the best part of ourselves.

The sheer breadth of body movement down the length of the lawn was spectacular.  I Have been there when it was 1/3 - 1/2 full and it seemed endless.  Did you see that glorious mass?

Well, my girl Afton is sick so gotta go motha-love her bitty biscuits.  What did you all think?


Tammy said...

I think...well said Bethany.

Jenny W said...

loved it. all day. watched it for hours and couldn't get enough. hoping it all lasts and lasts.

yuncle said...

As I age, I fight my own cynicism whenever I have the strength. But I'm feeling this relief and hope that is infusing most of our nation. 1/20/09 was good enough to bring some of my peers out of recent depths and back into the light of day. By the way, recent depths in your mid-fifties can be staartlingly gloomy and persistent, so I give a lot of credence to the hope.
My cynicism seemed well founded for the last eight years. I still doubt it not. I was happy to see Obama escort #43 to the helicopter for different reasons than the pundits chatted about. I was happy to see Obama making sure that 43 did not dally, did not linger, did not punch his fingers into any more delicious pies, ruining them for everyone else. He made sure that 43 got out of Dodge. One of the high points of the day.
It is nice to no longer feel sickened each day. No, problems have not all vanished, but a great big, stinking one has.
Now I feel as if we have a true leader, a man who will take all-encompassing ideals and try his best to apply them for the good of all. I don't envy him. I do cheer him and send him some of my purest energy, such as it is, every day.

Anonymous said...

I had to marvel at just the simple level of greater intelligence and self-control I've seen Barack exhibit. He appears to be more in control and less controlled (by others).


Emily Vang said...

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