Saturday, January 24, 2009

Funerals are funny

Funerals are funny. Funny strange. Could be the cold medicine I'm ingesting in obscene amounts and the unwise choice of high heels as footgear. My grandma died this week. She had wild fuzzy silver hair and was sharply funny. Her eastern European bluntness could stop you short when she criticized or fill your heart when she poured out her love. Independance,endurance,and inquisitiveness marked her path.

I will miss you my warm polish grandma. My homestyled slice of the city safe harbor. My intelligent friend-I will miss you


yuncle said...

You make her sound fearless. Nice role model.

Jenny W said...

well-said bethany. my 83 year old grandma is in the hospital with her second bout of cancer, as we speak(type). i wrote her a card yesterday with a similar tribute; there's something about the old and the wise that american culture often fails to embrace. thank goodness for good grandmas, who make us stop and pay attention!

harada57 said...
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