Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick o' the sick

Lysol wipes, vitamins, airborne, nyquil, redi-tabs, hot tea, calling schools, Bah-bah-bah.  I am sick of my family being sick!  It has been a month. 

I believe Afton has Fifth's Disease, Cedar now has pinkeye, I cannot talk-breathe-holla properly and Levi is a walking combo of all of these.

We are a hot mess.  There, I'm done complaining.  Just needed to shoot my thoughts into the universe.


grosschunkle said...

If it's any comfort, the current plague is everywhere. I'm calling myself officially over the latest mucous-fest, although I still cough a little and snort some, too. January has been reprehensible! I'm not sure the last two colds have not just been one, but with a dormant period of about 5 days.
I'm pretty sure my drive-time nose-picking has not gone completely unnoticed.

Jenny W said...


boo-chunkle-ger said...

Jenny, I sense a kindred spirit.

Holly said...

we've joined your ranks! tom and BA have the goupy eye hacking cough deal...this whole week. but chad's the worst...his eardrum burst in a bloody mess like a little kid. were hoping for a clean healing and no infection.
Does afton get a rash that followed her cold? That hap'd to chad and i had thought it was fifth's (last year)
BTW...i went to get those cold strips from CVS and they were RECALLED! They weren't allowed to sell me them eventhough they were on the shelf.

Anonymous said...

Yikes - Thank the Lord Jan is over!!! GO away nasties! Hols, Afton did get 2 series of rashes: 1 All over at teh beginning of Jan and a 2nd that we are not sure whether was post 2nd cold or a mini bout with eczema.

Im so sorryy - I am sure we infected you Kimballs with the plague. But mom always taught us to share... Hey, why did they recall the meds? I still have some of those strips?

UR - are you all natural medicater or do you hit Walgreens with a charge card?


kachunk said...

So, how's your February?

betharoo said...

Fabuloous! We have kicked the sickies and are on to creative ventures. I'll keep you posted...


harada57 said...